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FM1 Gold live broadcasting from Switzerland. FM1 Gold broadcast various kind of latest pop, Rock, klassisch, Tanz, elektronischen etc. FM1 Gold streaming music 4 FM1 Gold Radio Stationen.

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FM1 Gold FAQ

What channel is FM1 Gold on the radio?

FM1 Gold is on 999.112 FM.

What frequency is FM1 Gold?

The FM1 Gold frequency is 999.112 FM.

What is on FM1 Gold now?

Click listen now to find out what is playing on FM1 Gold now.

What Music genre does FM1 Gold play?

Adult contemp. and news. Deut. Musik and news. Musik a.d. Welt and news. Oldies and news. Schlager and news.

FM1 Hot FM1 Hot999.94 FM from Schweiz
FM1 Hot gives twenty four hour (24h) Mischung aus ein paar Klassen und Musikstile. The station plays all the music you adore while endeavoring to stay aware